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Turnkey Adjudication With Instant Application Decisions

Flex-Check™ FIREARMS POC enables agencies responsible for firearm applications to completely automate the application process from intake to appeal. Dealers provide purchaser information and fee payment through our secure online portal, after which Flex-Check™ verifies purchaser ID, performs the NICS and State CCH queries (as well as any other state-mandated queries), adjudicates query responses, off-ramps applications that require further investigation and then delivers the approval or denial back to the firearm dealer. Applications that do not have any associated criminal history records are processed within 30 seconds and appeals for denials can be filed in real-time.


Highly configurable process workflow using an adjudication engine tuned to your state-specific rules, regulations, and laws with interfaces to additional data sources.


Enhanced data source checks beyond NICS means a more thorough background check. More than 65% of all firearm applications can be approved without human intervention on the part of the agency.

Benefits of our concealed weapon permit service

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